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Give meaning to the images of the world

Earth Pic Daily is a photographic contribution project aimed at witnessing the planet, the place and the impact of human on the world.

Today we produce everyday images. Each trigger is a look that we have taken at a moment on one point of the planet, on our congeners, on our actions. This simple pressure on the shutter reflect the importance we have given to this fleeting image seen in the viewfinder.

All these images form, together, a look at the World, on our planet, a kind of inventory. All that was needed was to unite them on a platform that would allow us to travel in time and space of these singular glances that make up a common vision.

Earth Pic Daily is this platform.

Earth Pic Daily - Tour Eiffel Albert Khan
Earth Pic Daily - Tour Eiffel Actual

Bear witness of the planet

The objective of Earth Pic Daily is to build a photographic database that allows us to travel in space and time through our human gaze to become a witness to its evolution since the invention of photography.

The entry into the industrial era marked a radical turning point both for the climate and for the transformation of landscapes. Human activity has begun what will arguably be the fastest change the planet has ever seen. With progress, the human condition is changed both positively and negatively.

The photographic shots reflect these profound changes, social and environmental when it is possible to visualize the same space at two different times.

The Archives of the Planet

At the beginning of the XXth century, Albert Kahn devoted his time and his fortune to the constitution of the Archives of the Planet, project aiming to guarantee the universal peace and to testify «aspects, practices and modes of the human activity, whose fatal disappearance is only a matter of time.

With the agreement of the Albert-Kahn Departmental Museum of the Hauts-de-Seine, Earth Pic Daily will integrate from its opening 65,000 autochromes taken between 1909 and 1931 in more than 50 countries, fruit of the work of a dozen photographers.

Albert-Khan County Museum -

Earth Pic Daily - Portrait Albert Khan

Operation of the platform

Earth Pic Daily is accessible for amateur and professional photographers as well as organizations and associations engaged in environmental action, fight against climate change, social, humanistic or having an interest in disseminating related images.

Each user has a free account by which they can upload pictures that will be dated and geolocated. Each photo is accompanied by a title, a brief description and the "feeling", positive or negative, that inspires his image. It is possible to classify this image in a category and to associate keywords to it.

All these photos will be public and visible to all visitors to the site.

A search engine with an interactive map allows visitors to view a set of photographs.

The photographs remain the property of their authors or rights holders who will always be mentioned.

Earth Pic Daily - Example Photo Page
Earth Pic Daily -  Example Search page
Earth Pic Daily - Example Photo Page

A lever to act for the environment and the social

Beyond ambitions Earth Pic Daily is also a photographic and action project for the fight against climate change, the quality of the environment and the improvement of the human social condition.

Earth Pic Daily will propose to actively participate in environmental and social actions, meetings, exhibitions by providing a photographic support to the causes defended through works published with the agreement of authors who will be systematically and previously consulted.

Photographic authors who wish to become members or volunteers of the association and actively participate in actions carried out by Earth Pic Daily.

The partners

Associations and organizations support the creation of the Earth Pic Daily platform. To join them, contact us.


Communication and development for cultural organizations, environmental action and the social and solidarity economy.

Pirats Art Network

Founded in 2009, Pirats Art Network organization works to promote art and artists mainly on digital networks.

Association 3PA

Education and training organization for the environment and sustainable development at the origin of the Ecological Transition Schools.